Transformative re-upholstery leaders since 1921, we bring beautiful and sustainable re-use to the contract interiors world through our skilled craftspeople, knowledgeable textile cleaners, and experienced project managers.

Our Work: Re-up for a refreshed look on contract furniture and cushions. Maintain and extend furniture longevity through our textile cleaning expertise.

Only 9% of the 102 billion tons of raw materials that enter the global economy is reused.

9.8 million tons of furniture went to US landfills in 2017, double 1990 volume and 5 times 1960 totals.

70% to 80% of what the furniture industry produces goes to landfill.

2 million tons of US furniture is burned yearly for energy, releasing carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide into the air.

Our Eco Goal: Re-up to reduce furniture waste (f-waste) in landfills. Re-upholstery and cleaning maintenance plans can help solve this growing global issue. Join our mission and find more facts here.

Our Clients: Re-up and join our many clients, like San Francisco International Airport, who are committed to practicing sustainability while saving money and achieving great design through re-upholstery programs.

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